Day 9 – November 9, 2015

Day 9 is in the bag and I’m very impressed with my two partners on this challenge. They are both very focused and are constantly looking to not only “do one better” but doing several better. And they’re succeeding! They are teaching me a lot as well. While I cannot walk as far as they can, and might be limited in other areas, they are giving me great ideas for things I can do but also, their enthusiasm for doing this challenge with me has kept me inspired and motivated as well.

If you’ve read my latest blog you’ll note that I’m still confused about why I am not working harder to achieve my goal, but what I’m not confused about is how bad I want to reach it. How bad I NEED to reach it.

And it’s things like this challenge and the people who are doing it with me that are helping me reach it. And I couldn’t be more grateful to them. And to all of you who continue to read my blog and send words of support and kindness.


  1. while I didn’t reach my Fitbit daily goal of 3600 steps, I did manage to do 800 more than last Monday.
  2. instead of getting something deep fried for lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich w/light mayo and lettuce
  3. I went to the grocery store after work and bought a few things for my lunches for the rest of the week, walking around a bit more than usual.
  4. I did a few chores when I got home instead of immediately sitting down to eat or watch tv.


  1. I took 3 walks today. One of the walks was a me time walk alone.
  2. Made a very healthy tossed salad with fresh fruit today for lunch. I didn’t even use dressing on it as the fruit was so juicy I didn’t need any.
  3. I Picked up some tilapia fish from the meat counter at the grocery store today for dinner.
  4. My afternoon snack was Jicama which is a very sweet tasting veggie.


Before even getting out of bed I made a commitment that today was a new day…new beginnings and many new possibilities! SO…

  1. Other than drinking extra water…
  2. I did 20 minutes of exercises targeting specific areas.
  3. I finished with some yoga stretches and meditation.
  4. I also am experimenting with Chia seeds and almond milk pudding. (that will be for snack time tomorrow)
  5. Snacks today consisted of a clementine and nuts.
  6. Hot water and lemon is being consumed right now.

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