Day 13 – November 13, 2015

Apologies all around. I thought I had posted Friday’s results and only realized when I received Saturday’s that I indeed had NOT. Oops. This old memory of mine. Yikes!

As usual, my two friends doing this challenge with me are leaving me in the dust but I’m not giving up and I’m finding I am now more conscious of things and trying to remember to make better choices. In fact, this morning for breakfast, which while I know I need to eat, I just don’t like to do so in the morning – upsets my stomach…anyway, I had an apple and a mug of warm water with lemon which filled me up without upsetting my stomach. Always a bonus!


  1. while I still didn’t meet my daily steps goal (damn feet!), I did get in 1000 more steps than the day before.
  2. walked around the mall for a while in the evening after my Dr. S appointment
  3. I parked further away at work
  4. I had a big salad for dinner


  1. Got in 3 walks today for a total of about 22,000 steps.
  2. I’m doing arm weight lifts during commercials tonight.
  3. I have some me time tonight. I’m going to have dinner alone, so I’m going to the store to find something healthy to go with the grilled fish I’m having.
  4. I might even have a little glass of wine with dinner.

Awesome Barb!! Love all the steps you’re doing. Wish I had feet that would let me do that. Maybe someday! 🙂


Well today I was off my game.

  1. I continue to drink extra water but didn’t get much movement in.
  2. I made 2 veggies at supper instead of 1.
  3. Had an orange for my late snack.. (which I haven’t been having for some time now) Not sure why I needed it tonight. I think when I see my hubby eating, I feel the need. Not a good habit to get into.

Off your game or not, I still think you did well. Even if you don’t get a lot of exercise in one day, you make up for it where you can and it can be your “rest” day. You still made good choices with having 2 veggies instead of 1. That’s awesome. I need to really work on that because there are days when I don’t see a veggie. Bad.


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