DAY 3 – November 3, 2015

Wow it really sounds like this challenge is going well. So far we’ve all not only did at least one good choice, but we’ve all made several in a day – and that’s so awesome!

Best yet, I think, is that all those small little changes don’t make you feel overwhelmed, and yet they all add up.

Barb, you’re #3 was a great idea! I haven’t actually sat down at my kitchen table in years to eat a meal! I will have to clean it off and try that – right now it’s pull of boxes that I’ve been downsizing with. 🙂  And congrats on your loss!

AMN, you said your day didn’t go as planned but you still had progress. That’s the best thing about this. Nothing I ever plan rarely goes right so not having restrictions on this except to make at least one good decision makes it so much easier to just not sweat if things don’t go as planned. And I’m finding it so much easier to just take those baby step changes. Awesome job!!

Keep up the great work, ladies!



1, Parked far away in the work parking lot again.

2. Not only did made a salad for lunch but I ate it. This is huge for me. Most times, even if I’m hungry, I don’t feel like eating so I’ll skip lunch – which I know is bad. Very proud of myself for having a salad for lunch.

3. I had ZERO snacks last night. None. This is huge for me as well. Rarely does a night go by when I’m not snacking on something.


  1. I planned all my meals for the day.
  2. I weighed and measured my portions.
  3. I set out a nice placemat and napkin to make my dinner feel special.
  4. I was down at the scale today which I’m happy about.
  5. I will get in all my activity planned for today even if the weather doesn’t cooperate outside


  1. I raked both the front and back yards (this sidelined me for the rest of the day unfortunately) Fibro sucks!!
  2. But I continued to drink extra water
  3. enjoyed that nutrient packed veggie soup that I made
  4. took 10 minutes to meditate this afternoon.

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