DAY 1 – November 1, 2015


  1. Drank an organic meal replacement drink (Orgain – good-for-you drink that has fruits and veggies and is within my per meal carb limit) for breakfast when I got to work instead of going to Burger King for the pancake and sausage platter – my usual Sunday when at work breakfast.
  2. Ate a small apple as a snack mid-morning to curb hunger
  3. Instead of getting something fast (re: deep fried) for lunch after I worked (like Burger King which is the closest other than Subway), I went to a sandwich place and got a roast chicken on a small sesame kaiser with a tiny bit of mayo and some lettuce.
  4. I dumped down the drain all but a 20oz bottle’s worth of a 2L bottle of Pepsi down the drain to not be tempted to drink it.
  5. I went for a short walk to take some pictures.


  1. Added extra exercise to daily routine with 11 mile bicycle ride
  2. Stayed out of the Halloween candy
  3. Made smart choices when out to lunch.

Way to go Barb!  And thanks for joining me on this!

Barb’s suggestions for herself for other smart choices for the “Do One Better November Challenge”:

  • Extra activity
  • Fixing most meals at home
  • Eating at least two veggies everyday
  • Drinking more milk
  • Having me time to myself
  • Being aware of my portion size
  • Treating myself to something special at the end of the week if I did something extra each day of that week.

Check back Tuesday AM for Monday’s results!


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