Day 10 – November 10, 2015

Due to my being under the weather yesterday I didn’t do much of anything including going to work. I rarely moved out of bed or the couch so I have nothing to report for today for me – so I didn’t really “do one better” this day. 😦

My two partners, however, did awesome – as usual. They simply amaze me with their dedication to this. I hope I can get at least half of their energy and enthusiasm.


Today was my weight in day and I was happy I was down again this week. I’m up a bit from my goal and trying to get back to it.

  1. It’s my busy day into town today so I pick up a veggie salad at Subway for lunch and I had them put fat free dressing on it.
  2. I add a bit of fresh fruit and reduced fat blue cheese to it when I get home.
  3. As weight in days I only have yogurt and fruit for breakfast.
  4. Also I drink a lot of water everyday it’s good for you.

Congrats on another week of loss, Barb!


Today I hit the ground running! (doing it while I can)

  1. Yesterday I played around with chia and almond milk…well I can announce that I am NOT a fan. Lol. (I think I’ll just keep using it in my smoothies) Since I had it made, I choked it down for my snack in the am.
  2. I got in a 30 yoga practice before lunch….felt good to be moving and being mindful of my breathing.
  3. My afternoon was a write off. I did chair squats while waiting for my supper to cook. (I was quite sedentary up til then)

Your description of the chia/almond milk trail made me laugh. I’ve been there. The time I thought that drinking coconut water would be a great idea. Y.U.C.K.!

You’re doing so awesome! So proud of you!!!



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