Day 21 – November 21, 2015

See apology in Day 20. 🙂

I feel like I’m not trying hard enough on the weekends. They are really lazy weekends except that I at least do try to do some chores, but my schedule is so off on them that I don’t seem to do as well.

Good or bad, I have a four day weekend coming up next week. I’ll be spending the better part of Thursday at a coworker/friend’s house who invited me over for Thanksgiving with her family, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday it’s anybody’s guess. I would like to still get some more organizing and cleaning done – it’s not always much exercise but it’s a big step for me to even do anything sometimes.

I did make some better choices today so that’s a plus.


  1. I worked a couple of hours just cleaning/organizing boxes of stuff in my bedroom
  2. I did order pizza and garlic knots for dinner but I only ate two small slices (it was a small pizza – about the size of a dinner plate) and 4 of the garlic knots.
  3. I made scrambled egg whites with a bit of mozza cheese for breakfast.


  1. I got in 3 walks today for a total of 20,500 steps.I made some crab cakes for dinner tonight and I lightened up the recipe.
  2. Made a nice tossed salad with Strawberries and reduced blue cheese and Fat Free poppyseed dressing.



  1. This morning I managed to squeeze in a short workout.
  2. Instead of throwing all the laundry down the shoot, i carried it down the stairs and then proceeded to make multiple trips up the stairs to put it away.
  3. We went out for supper tonight…I started off with a nice salad and ordered a gluten free veggie pizza but limited myself to 2 small pieces (brought the rest home and put it in the freezer)