DAY 4 – November 4, 2015

Well another successful day!  I have to remember to mix it up like you guys are. And I have to remember that not everything should be food related. A “do one better” can also include taking care of yourself in another way, such as setting a beautiful place setting for dinner which makes you feel comfortable and helps to enjoy your food more. Or as AMN did, she wasn’t feeling 100% due to the overworking of her body the day before (from the Fibro she suffers) so she had a massage.

These are all things that you normally don’t think about but that also help you to “do one better” because you’re taking care of yourself physically AND mentally.

So great job ladies!  I love the things that you’re doing!!


I struggled a bit more today in some ways. My right foot is experiencing more pain than usual but…

  1. I parked in the furthest spot again at work
  2. I had NO Pepsi during the day
  3. I drank an extra 16oz of water
  4. I had another salad for lunch (even though despite it being “good” for me, even salad bothers my stomach most of the time 😦 ). Still, having the salads for lunch is more veggies in a day I’ve probably had in a long time.


  1. got in 2 really good walks today
  2. tried a new pork loin recipe for dinner (it was delicious)
  3. made homemade apple sauce to go with dinner
  4. set up a very attractive dish for my dinner to make it more appealing and enjoyable

Didn’t  do bad for the day considering the cold damp weather we had most of the day. I also wasn’t felling very well for some reason and I don’t know why.


  1. had a wonderful 45 minute massage
  2. had plenty of Vitamin D since it was gorgeous outside
  3. Kept up on water intake
  4. had yogurt and fruit for snacks

 Still feeling the effects of yesterday so I was kind to myself today.


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