DAY 5 – November 5, 2015

Some more amazing “do one better” moments, including some “me” items and that’s equally important to remember to do.

Honestly I’m still struggling with the no Pepsi, though I have cut way back – only 10oz instead of 20oz. But this challenge isn’t to concentrate on what I’m doing “wrong” or struggling with but more what I am doing right.

And my partners in this challenge have been kicking ass and taking names! Great job girls!!! Proud of you!

So Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.


I had a lot of pain in my right foot today. Besides the nerve damage I also have some sort of sore – like a callas or something and it’s very painful even if I’m not walking on it. In any case…

  1. I continue to park in a far away spot at my office
  2. I only drank half of the amount of Pepsi I normally might in a night.
  3. I got home late from work so I had just a big salad for dinner.
  4. I took the stairs up to my office (3rd floor) one trip. Was very out of breath and thought I was dying but worse, my knees were hurting. Won’t do that often but once in a while and it’s a start.
  5. Used stretching bands while sitting watching tv to start trying to get muscle in my flabby arms.


  1. I got in a little over 20,000 steps today. (!!)
  2. Went out to lunch today and the choices weren’t very good but I opted for a Tuscan Salad it was the best thing they had. ( it was like soaked in dressing and they wouldn’t serve it on the side. Though she said she would only use half as much as they normally do)
  3. I didn’t eat the bread that came with the salad.  I didn’t even eat all of the salad.

It’s going to be a very light dinner tonight to make up for the Salad at Lunch time.


Well today I’m feeling much better so I put forth a little more effort.

  1. While brushing my teeth, I did squats to pass the time.
  2. This afternoon I took my furbaby for a nice long walk
  3. and then took 15 minutes to myself just ‘being’…..soaking up the sun and enjoying what was left of a gorgeous couple of days.
  4. While doing dishes, I cranked the music and proceeded to do leg ‘kick backs’…20 on each side.

It was a good day!! Felt good!!


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