Day 28 – November 28, 2015

Maybe it’s because I have been upset about something lately or maybe it’s just one of those “fuck it” sort of moments, but I didn’t do well this weekend at all. At least in the past two days.

I may have even messed up the dates of this challenge a few days ago due to the Thanksgiving holiday – so I’m sorry if they are “off”. I am too right now so….booya!


  1. My Niece Challenged me to A Weekend Warrior Fitbit Challenge and I accepted. This is with also 8 of her friends. So far I’m 4,700 steps ahead of my Niece who is in Second Place. I’m in 1st Place with 24,629 steps so far. Mind you these other people are in their 30’s. I Won it the last time she Challenge me to a Weekend Warrior over the summer. I told her it wasn’t fair as we got snow last night. It’s mostly gone now so that’s good.
  2. I had a nice light lunch today of a spinach salad with fresh fruit and cottage cheese.
  3. Dinner is going to be grilled tuna steaks, steamed broccoli, cranberry sauce(leftovers), and one of my little WW pumpkin apple muffin.


Don’t let what that woman said to you get to you. Prove her wrong. 🙂


Once again we were able ringer out for a bit this afternoon and finish up our Christmas shopping. Glad that’s over with. My hip/butt is a little tender tonight but between the physio and massage, coming along much better than I was.

Praying for an even better day tomorrow!!