Day 17 – November 17, 2015

Yo boy! Am I ever far behind on these Challenge updates. My apologies. No excuses – I’m just forgetful. A lot.


  1. continued to park farther away at work and when visiting stores
  2. I added a veggie to my dinner. No, I didn’t add a second veggie – this means I actually ATE a veggie with dinner. This. Is. Big!
  3. I drank a lot of water including some lemon water in the morning with breakfast at work


I was down at weight in today. —Yeah congrats Barb!!!

  1. I got in 20,478 steps
  2. Had a very healthy low calorie breakfast and lunch. S
  3. So had a special treat in the afternoon a peanut butter muffin.



Today was a much better day (thank God)

  1. I did a thorough house cleaning today in light of what happened yesterday. Now that was a workout!
  2. For lunch I made myself a veggie wrap and salad and
  3. for supper it was greek chicken breast, homemade roasted sweet potato chunks and green beans.

I was feeling chilly all day today so I didn’t get in my usual water

Today I also did something [withheld for privacy] that lifted  a huge weight from my heart and am feeling a little bit lighter because of it.

AWESOME for you!!! So proud of you for doing it.