Day 26 – November 26, 2015

The day after Thanksgiving. I’m sure for some it’s a day of regret. Thankfully I don’t feel I did poorly at all yesterday. So yay me!


  1. Went and bought several salad fixings to try to start eating healthier.
  2. Bought a turkey breast to cook in the crockpot for some lunches this week.
  3. Walked up and down all the aisles in the grocery store for some extra steps.



  1. I got in 3 walks today for a total of 25,000 steps. So of those steps were also earned while I was once again into work taking care of a few things. For a part time job I’ve been there a lot this week.
  2. Went out to breakfast this morning so I had a light dinner and no lunch today as my breakfast was a bit bigger then what I normally have.



Due to dealing with severe pain, I unfortunately have not been participatory today.

  1. Dave did add veggies to our pasta dish tonight.
  2. That and drinking water is all I can offer for today.

Every little bit helps but I’m more concerned that you’re hurting so like I said, no worries about the challenge. You’re still doing better than me most days without even being 100%!