DAY 8 – November 8, 2015

Wow! The November Challenge is picking up speed. And it’s awesome.

One thing that I’ve been conscious about myself is that I’m LESS active on the weekends. You may wonder how that is when during the week my job requires me to sit all day, and yet I get more steps in during the week than I do on the weekend. In fact, there can be a single day during the week that has more steps in it and my Saturday and Sundays combined. And why is that?

I can only suggest it’s because going to work means that I have to walk to my car – both at home and at work – at least 4 times a day. As well, during the day I often have to get up for meetings, make copies, talk to someone or actually go and prepare a lunch and on the rare occasion take a walk (if my feet are cooperating and lately they have not). Yet on the weekends, even if I am doing some chores, most of the time I’m not actually walking – and once my feet or back begin to hurt – I’m often doing things (like organizing my DVDs in boxes to bring back home to my mom’s this Christmas) while sitting down – and so I don’t actually accumulate many steps. I also rarely leave my house on the weekends. I might go to the grocery store briefly but there are some weekends where I park my car on Friday night and it doesn’t move again until Monday morning when I go to work.

So one of my challenges to myself in the 2nd week of the November “Do One Better” challenge is to move more. Currently my daily steps on my FitBit is only 3600. I don’t reach even that most days. Usually once a week (Fridays), depending on how my feet feel, and maybe once in a while I might hit it one or two more times in a week, but never have I done it every day. And while I’m not going to push myself just get to do it 7 days in a row given how my feet feel, I am going to try to reach that goal at least FOUR times this week (my week starting today – Monday – this challenge post below however covers Sunday).

So here we go….


  1. I went to the grocery store and then the drug store so I walked about 600 steps more than I normally do on a Sunday.
  2. I put on my iPod when doing the dishes and I danced around while doing them, including spilling water all over the floor.
  3. I stopped myself from eating a whole bag of chips – only ate a couple of ounces and threw the rest out.


  1. Today I walked 18,000 steps and also got in a nice bicycle ride of 11.5 miles.
  2. We road our bikes on the Colorado River Trail and stopped for lunch half way.
  3. I made a good choice of a Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad with no dressing. The reason I had a Salad is because I wanted to enjoy a beer. If I have alcohol I always choose a very light meal due to the Calories involved in Alcohol of any kind.
  4. I made a very light dinner as well with lots of fruit and veggies and very little meat.

Wow Barb!  18,000 steps!!! That’s amazing. You go girl!!


Well I’d like to say that today was a success but I’d be lying.

  1. I increased my water intake but that’s where it ends today. We had a family get together for supper…..not a lot of healthy choices unfortunately. (Note to self: go prepared!)
  2. I managed to sneak in a salad but that was all that was available that was healthy.

Tomorrow is another day!

You’re absolutely right that tomorrow is another day! You and I talked about your day and I want to share a bit of it with everyone else.

I told AMN that this challenge is to make at least ONE good decision so anything more than that is just bonus. I told her not to be too hard on herself especially because we all have rougher days but also that she actually did well despite her circumstances and here’s why:

  1. she figured out to get a salad in when there wasn’t much to choose from and
  2. she learned a lesson for other times – go prepared.

That’s part of the entire thing – learn new things and adjust to situations that come up. 

I think she did great and Monday is a fresh start. It wasn’t really even a slip up but a new week means new adventures. 🙂 

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