Day 6 – November 6, 2015

Looks like my two companions on this challenge are leaving me in the dust, but that’s okay. Everyone works at their own pace and they were already more active and fit than I was before this challenge started. I’m proud of what they’ve done so far and I’m feeling good about my own choices – though there is always room for improvement.

We’re six days in and I am still feeling good about starting this. It’s still a challenge to not get stuck in a boring rut and want to stop. I hope if I ever get to sounding like I’m doing that, that my partners give me a kick in the ass and pull me back.

Tomorrow marks a week since the challenge began. I’ve learned some things – good and bad – but I’m still learning.

Thanks to all for their support.


  1. I again parked in a farther away spot at work.
  2. I went and walked around the grocery store after my appt w/Dr. S and actually stopped in the chip aisle and remember feeling that I really didn’t want any chips so I didn’t get any.
  3. I bought a bag of small Macintosh apples (my favs) to have as snacks throughout the week.
  4. I had a chicken sandwich for lunch instead of going out and getting fast food.
  5. I gave myself a compliment last night – congratulating myself for my choice in #2.


  1. I did 3 different walks today.
  2. Treated myself to a beautiful bouquet of fall colored flowers.
  3. Enjoyed a quiet day of me alone time from 10 to 3.
  4. Cooking a nice healthy dinner tonight.

I love how much walking you’re getting in, Barb but also that you’re taking some “me” time each day and doing non-food things for yourself. This is wonderful!! Great job!


Today was a pretty busy day for me. I left the house at 7:30 this morning and I have just now arrived back home at 9:30 tonight.

  1. I didn’t set out to actually do any exercising at all today, but with the amount of walking that I did I’m sure I made up for it.
  2. Knowing that I was gonna be gone for the day I also packed some healthy snacks to eat along the way. I brought along a banana and an apple instead of grabbing a bag of chips!
  3. Also, having to eat out both lunch and supper I’m proud to say that I made healthy choices by having a salad and a baked potato for lunch and another salad and a grilled chicken breast for my supper….both accompanied by water.

This is awesome, especially having fruit instead of chips. That is my biggest issue next to Pepsi! WTG!!!!


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