DAY 2 – November 2, 2015

I think Day 2 of the Do One Better November Challenge was a great success. Welcome to our new challenger AMN!

Let’s keep going!


  1. Parked further away at work to get some extra steps in for the day.
  2. Bought fresh veggies for lunch salads at work for the next couple of days
  3. got up and moved around more at work instead of sitting for long hours not moving


  1. I went to the grocery store and got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  2. I will have had fruit and veggies at both lunch and dinner and I did have fruit with breakfast this morning.
  3. I had some me time walking and listening to music today which felt really good.
  4. Get up and move during commercials to get some added activity

Tomorrow is weight in day for me we will see if I have something good to report tomorrow.  Good luck Barb!!!


  1. walked an extra 7 minutes on the treadmill. Had planned 5 but lost track of time reading
  2. added a cup of veggies to my pasta dish at supper
  3. made an enormous pot of veggie chower for the week
  4. drank 2 extra glasses of water



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