DAY 7 – November 7, 2015

Today marks one week since the challenge started. While I know there is much more I can be doing, I am happy with the number of “do one better” that I’m doing, and pleased that my friends who are doing this with me are enjoying themselves and having great success as well.

More than anything, their success and accomplishments are fueling my own. They are helping me to keep on track and want to keep going, so thank you very much ladies. I appreciate your help and support!


  1. I went out of my comfort zone and went with a work colleague/friend Kimmy to a “Wine & Design” night where we all painted owls. Neither of us drink wine so we skipped that part – probably the only ones. It was fun and didn’t freak me out too much to be out in “public”.
  2. 12214044_10204267755127848_1262306743_o This is Kimmy and myself w/our Owls. Yes, I let someone take my picture. That’s huge too!
  3. I also did a couple of small chores but decided to take a break and have a “me” day with no going to work and letting myself sleep in so I read, watched a movie and then went out to paint.
  4. I also had another night of no snacking and no Pepsi.


  1. I walked 8 miles today
  2. I’m grilled some tuna steaks for dinner with a tossed salad and some fresh fruit.
  3. I was on my feet a lot today as I was doing inventory at my part time job I have with Weight Watchers.
  4. I did a little window shopping me time today while I as in town.


  1. Today while doing laundry today, instead of trying to carry a lot of my laundry up the stairs all at once, I made multiple trips.
  2. I also incorporated fruit into my yogurt for my snack.
  3. For supper, i added a lot of veggies into my lasagna. I actually enjoyed the change!

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