About Me

While this blog will tell a lot about me, the basics of who Danielle (aka Dani – sorry Mom!) is, are really quite simple.

I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1966.

I had a big heartbreak as a child but through it all, until this day, my mom Phyllis has been my rock, my cheerleader, confident, protector and everything else a mother could be. She’s been my life. Gave it to me and has fought beside me to live it as best I can.

I’m divorced – you know, cheating husband and all that. That’s okay though – I learned a lot about myself as a person after the experience and am stronger for it, even if it doesn’t always show. Because I had married an American, I live in the United States currently but plan to move back to my hometown someday soon.

I am a lover of all animals. I dislike spiders and bugs. I am a wanna-be “cat lady” to two kitties: Ginny and Finnegan

10508020_550180988438220_718267306_nFinnegan aka “Finny


I love movies, television and reading. Rarely am I without my Kindle and if I am, I can still access my books on my phone.

I also love to write. For the past 35+ years off and on I have written a lot, some short stories and some books. I’ve only once tried to publish but I had no idea what was involved and it didn’t work out. Over the past few years I have grown a bit more determined to actually finish my stories and get them published. Here’s hoping.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Exciting eh? (a little “Canadian” for you there).  Thanks for stopping by.

Peace, joy and love to you all.

NOTE: Please go to my very first post entitled “Another Journey Begins…” to get the purpose of this particular blog. Here’s the link to shortcut to it as it takes some digging to find it now: https://daniellereaume.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/another-journey-begins/

And to get the full understanding of my journey so far, I encourage you to go back to the first blog posting and read forward.

Also, I believe if you wish to leave a comment or follow me, you have to register for this site. It’s free but I understand many people wouldn’t want to do that so I will continue to Tweet and Post to FB whenever I do a new Posting. But please send me messages via Twitter or FB (private or public) – it’s those that keep me going. xo


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