Day 14 – November 14, 2015

With this post I am caught up – at least on updating the Challenge pages. Then I need to write a blog post. Been meaning too all week and just never got to it. I’m slacking and I know it. So I do apologize to everyone. It’s nice to see people are still checking in on the blog. I will endeavor to try to post more often.


  1. I managed to do a few chores today before my feet gave out on me. Dishes, vacuuming and litter box
  2. went to the grocery store and walked up and down every aisles even though I wasn’t buying anything in them
  3. bought some salad fixings and some chicken to pre-cook for lunches and dinner this week
  4. Instead of Pepsi, I bought some raspberry lemonade. While I know it also contains sugar, I am going to try to wean myself off of Pepsi (I’ll be posting about this soon) and I don’t “over-drink” the lemonade like I do the Pepsi.


It’s been a busy day I was at work a long time for me today. But…

  1. I got in 17,000 steps
  2. Made a new recipe which turned out awesome for dinner.
  3. Drank lots of water today.

Still rocking the steps even with a long day at work. Awesome!!


  1. I drank an absurd amount of water today because
  2. I was at a yoga workshop for 4 hours.

WOW! 4 hours!?!  That’s amazing! And see, that’s what I meant in yesterday’s post about making up for lack of movement one day – that’s a lot of yoga!! Awesome for you!


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