Day 22 – November 22, 2015

Despite waking up to snow (!) this morning and it being a Monday, I’m determined to push past the disappointment to date and plow ahead.

It’s a new day!


This, however, is the biggest struggle. To let go of the past – even if that means only yesterday – and any disappointments you had. Things you didn’t do – stop regretting them. Things you did and shouldn’t have – stop regretting them too.

It’s hard. I know this. I struggle with this every day. Because years of being disappointed in myself are ingrained in me like waking up. I often wonder at one point does it look ridiculous to say once again, “start again”. How many “start again” days can someone have and not accomplish anything?

Eventually we know those days will run out. So it’s possible to spend the rest of your life just trying again and still end up with having done nothing but try again. And if the end result isn’t what you were striving for, what was the point?

This. This is the struggle I face every day when I wake up. Every day when I have to talk myself into getting out of bed and going to work. And every day when I have to try to forget all that I didn’t do right the day before.

Just once I would like to have had a day before that I didn’t regret something. We can’t live with our regrets – I know this. But knowing something and feeling something are two totally different things.

But I’m trying.


This is my real “fail” day. I didn’t make any smart decisions or “do one better”. I skipped breakfast. I ate very little for lunch. I sat around nearly all day so I got no exercise. I had something fast and bad for dinner. I had a bad snack and I did all that with Pepsi.

Not. My. Finest. Hour.


  1. I got in 14,000 steps today on 2 walks.
  2. Had a light lunch as we had Apple Cinnamon Belgian Waffles for breakfast.
  3. I was trying to figure out some side dish to have with dinner and decided on brown rice. Though it’s really kind of blah by itself. I grilled up some sliced up onion, cubed mushroom,zucchini and red pepper in a little olive oil. Mixed the brown rice up in it and it was really tasty and looked much more appetizing also.

    Was in a meeting most of the afternoon for work training.


I really should invest in one of those pedometers as I’m sure I put on miles today lol

  1. My hubby and I spent about 5 1/2 hrs Christmas shopping today. My hips are killing me. There really aren’t a lot of quick gluten free foods available at the mall so we shared an order of New York Fries….I remember now why I don’t eat fried foods. They make me feel like crap! I tried to dilute with extra water…still felt yucky!
  2. Cleaned up the food intake for supper with a salad.

Back to clean eating tomorrow for sure! Fresh start!!