Days 29 and 30 – November 29 and 30, 2015

I’m combining the final two days of the November challenge under this one Page posting.

First, I want to thank my two challenge buddies for their participation, enthusiasm and for the support they provided to me during this challenge. While I had a couple of days of “WTF?”, I am proud to say that I think this November Do One Better Challenge was a great success.

While I wanted the challenge to challenge myself to think about things and “do one better”, I had hoped that those that participated with me would feel the same. So while I’ve realized since starting it that I’m now more aware of what I’m eating or doing, and trying to improve on it, I’m also pleased that it seems like my challenge buddies would agree with me that they are both more conscious of what their doing. This pleases me.

I think my challenge buddies did absolutely amazing and I’m very proud of their efforts and support. Love you ladies!!

So thank you ladies!  And thanks to everyone who cheered us on. It’s so appreciated!!


Sunday 29th

I had a very upsetting day on Sunday. Thank goodness I’m not a stress eater or I’d hate to see how big I’d be then!

  1. So I took it easy and while I didn’t feel up to eating, I did manage to drink some extra water – something I rarely do on weekends (bad habit!)
  2. I also went to the store and walked around for a while and I bought some veggies for the week to eat for lunches. 🙂

Monday 30th

Another crazy day that started with another somewhat upsetting event to which, thankfully, everything has straightened out.

  1. I drank lots of water today.
  2. For the first time in weeks I was the closest to my daily steps goal of 3600 steps with:  3,455. So I feel confident that while my feet are “okay” I will try to get in some extra steps until they tell me to settle down.
  3. I was tempted to buy some Pepsi after another stress filled day but I opted for a ginger ale to settle my stomach. While I know it’s sugary too, with Pepsi being my Achilles Heel, I am proud that I opted for a lesser evil.



Sunday 29th

  1. I got in 3 walks Sunday for a total of 22,054 steps.
  2. Went out for lunch at a brew pub and made good food choices. I didn’t even have a beer which is good. It was way to cold for that trust me.When I went to bed last night I was ahead of everyone in the Weekend Warrior Fitbit Challenge. I haven’t seen the final results yet so don’t know who the winner is officially.

Monday 30th

  1. I got in 19,585 steps from a total of 3 walks throughout the day. I was up on the scale at home so it was a very strict day for me as my weight in day is tomorrow.
  2. Passed on left over Pumpkin Pie and had a small dish of Greek Yogurt with some fresh fruit instead.

You’ve done amazing with this Challenge, Barb!! Congrats!!


Sunday 29th

Well today was a low key day. I watched Dave put the tree up and then I put out my little village. (I was an emotional wreck missing my kid)

  1. I drank lots of water!! That’s all i got today. Sorry!

Works for me, my friend. You are still on the mend!

Monday 30th

Well my final day was a success.

  1. I started the day off with a protein shake for breakfast.
  2. I felt well enough after my physio to go and get groceries so I got some walking in.
  3. Lunch consisted of cottage cheese and a baked sweet potato and
  4. I rounded of my meals with fish and veggies.

I am hopeful that I’ll be able to continue with a personal challenge thanks to you!!

Aww…thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it and felt it helped you and you got something out of it. That was the idea behind it! xo