Day 11 – November 11, 2015

First, I’ve posted this several times on both Twitter and Facebook but want to do so again here.

Thank you to all veterans and military personnel – past and present – for your service whether it be in my homeland Canada or my adoptive home in the United States. But really anywhere there are people fighting for others’ freedoms at the risk of their own lives. We are forever grateful for your sacrifices.


Now I can’t say my Day 11 was much better than my Day 10 in which I was sick. I was still feeling a bit under the weather for most of the morning on Day 11, but I still managed to do a bit.  But I feel I need to pick it up a bit more.

  1. parked in the farthest spot in the parking lot
  2. had a small salad for lunch with an apple
  3. made sure to have something for breakfast – an Orgain breakfast drink
  4. Went home and straightened up a bit around the house and did the dishes


  1. I got in a little more then 21,000 steps today.
  2. I got activity from cleaning house and mopping floors. My music me time while I was cleaning house.
  3. Tried a new pancake mix for breakfast this morning. This is my favorite meal by the way. Banana hazelnut pancakes with fresh sliced bananas with low calorie syrup.

Yummy!  Awesome day Barb, as usual!!


  1. Today I got some physical activist by raking (once again) the yard. We are in for some strong winds tomorrow so hopefully they’ll all blow away and I can be done for this year lol.
  2. While picking up a few groceries, I decided I would pick up a new fruit or veggie each time. So today I bought pomegranates.
  3. I incorporated some of the seeds in my salad at supper and I plan on using them on my smoothies. They are actually really good all on their own. Lots of water today too…

That’s an awesome idea! I need to get back to making some healthy smoothies. I have a juicer but only ended up using it once so I want to sell it and just get a smoothie/blender. I don’t think I’ve ever ate a pomegranate. I know I’ve drank the juice and wasn’t thrilled…lol…but that’s just me!


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