Day 12 – November 12, 2015

I’m troubled. As with most everything else in my life, my interest, attention and enthusiasm is beginning to wane. So I need to step it up. Both because this wouldn’t be called a “challenge” if it wasn’t hard but also because simply: I need to keep going.

Not to mention that I have people counting on me.

So a renewed challenge begins tomorrow!



  1. I went for a short walk through Michael’s last night.
  2. I parked in a far away spot from the store despite the pouring rain.
  3. I limited my soda pop to only 20oz bottle


  1. I went to Sam’s Club and stocked up on healthy meats. 5 different kinds of fish one of my favorite meats.
  2. I got in a little over 20,000 steps today.
  3. We went out to lunch today and I made a good choice of a salad.
  4. Lunch was so light that I treated myself to a Skinny Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks this afternoon.
  5. Drinking my water everyday.

Awesome Barb! I need to use you guys as my inspiration and snap to it! Thank you!!!


  1. I started my day off (way too early) with a bowl of healthy oatmeal and tea.
  2. For my lunch, I forwent the bread carb and had some 1%cottage cheese with a cut up tomato.
  3. This afternoon I made myself a nice smoothie with the pomegranate seeds from yesterday and a tsp of chia seeds after doing some a weights while watching general hospital. Lol.
  4. Tonight I incorporated brown rice with white rice and made a nice pork stirfry.

Great choices, my friend! I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well. I hope you were able to Thursday night.  xo


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