A Measure of Success

Surprise! I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me again for who knows how long. Yeah, sorry. I’m like that. Ebbs and flows. Come and Go. Teeter-Tottering. Blow hot and cold…well, you get the picture. And if you’ve followed me long enough you won’t have any problems believing this to be true.

Fact is, sometimes when I get writing, I want to keep writing. That I should be actually writing (finishing) my book #KiwiKiss is besides the point. Instead I’m here with you fine good people. Again. And that’s just fine too.

I know. I wasn’t really gone long enough to miss. But that’s okay. It’ll make up for some of the past long time in between some posts. Of which I am very sorry. I am. I just really have to be “in the mood” sometimes. And that’s certainly not a knock against you, my lovely and adorable readers. It’s just what I like to call…

A Dani-ism.

Which is just a fancy, cutesy way of saying that my ADD (attention deficit disorder) kicks in and I’m off doing something else before I complete the next thing. Or in some cases even before I start the next thing. Or in some cases even before I think of the next thing. I’m actually easily…well, a lot of things.

Distracted. Bored. Moody. Frustrated. Etc.



Now…what was I saying?

Oh yeah…

The point to this new post is one I’ve been kicking around for a while and since I was just talking about new beginnings or at least trying to turn it up a notch, I wanted to give some inspiration to myself that while this journey seems very hard, always daunting and sometimes just downright impossible, there are people out there who have succeeded.

To start, I feel that I have to look for “success” wherever I can find it. So while I haven’t lost any weight in the past 5 or 6 weeks, I am happy to say that I made it through the holidays without gaining any. I won’t get into the 4 or 5 pounds I somehow gained the week PRIOR to the holidays – no idea how that happened and I can only guess it was more about stress than what or how I was eating. But during the holidays, while you might recall that I’m not really subjected to a lot of get-togethers and parties where snacking can be an issue, what was the issue was sitting around a lot and just snacking on chips and pop (Creme Soda Crush to be exact. Yum!). Yet somehow despite getting very little exercise and snacking quite a bit – I didn’t gain even a half pound.

So I’m taking that as a win! And now it’s the new year and it’s time to really push myself. I only wish my stomach would cooperate – two weeks into the New Year and I’ve felt “off” more often than “on”.

So without further ado…

With no disrespect to those I know who have had weightloss surgery, I will not be showing any success stories on that method because that is not the path I am taking, so I need to focus on other people who have taken the same path as I am currently on. And that being said, I am also only going to show people who have had extreme weightloss (~100+). As happy I am for someone who can lose ANY amount of weight, and I know those struggles first hand, trying to lose the amount of weight I must to stop being considered obese (and I rank higher than that right now), well that’s a whole other level of weight to be lost and struggles to deal with, so again, I needed to see stories of people more similar to my own situation.

First and foremost, these are all stories out on the internet and are “public” so while I’m giving credit where credit it due, I would hope none of them would have an issue with me sharing their stories. Due to not wishing to make this post much much too long, I talk briefly about each person and then provide a link to the best story I could find about them for further information. So please check them out.

Secondly, this isn’t just a “before and after” sort of post because it will also highlight some of the problems that people who actually manage to lose a lot of weight still have to face – both physical and mental. Because a woman is always going to look in the mirror and likely see that “fat girl” no matter how much weight she’s lost or surgeries she’s had (or in some cases “he”). This will also not be a “how-to” to lose weight. If I knew that, I wouldn’t be struggling as I am.

Lastly, you’ll note that these success stories are about women. It’s not that I don’t think losing weight for a man is hard – it is for anyone. But facts have proven that in most cases, men lose weight faster than women. I learned this personally when I was married. My (now ex) husband and I did the exact same diet – ate the same foods (in the same amounts) and exercised the same. I lost 6 pounds; he lost 20. In the same time frame. Needless to say, that did not help my self-esteem at all. Some claim that eventually the woman catch up and the man slows down, but I’m not entirely convinced of that.

But you see my point.  Here’s a link to a Globe & Mail (Canadian Newspaper) about the topic: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/why-do-men-lose-weight-faster-than-women/article19934475/

So this blog is merely just some stories of those who have had a measure of success and their issues in doing so. Some might have some ideas on what they did to be successful, some might be more about their emotional struggles and some might just be an “I Did It!” moment.

Part of my fear is that when I do lose all that weight (and do note that I said “do” not “if” – points for being optimistic!), what on this Earth am I going to do with all that skin? Because no amount of toning can stretch back the elasticity of my skin. Sadly, insurance companies will not cover extra skin removal in most cases because they consider it to be aesthetics, which is a load of hooey if you know anyone who’s done it, there are problems. Not to mention that I’ve always said they should really cover it and then donate all the excess skin to burn units. It’s a win-win. And a no-brainer but apparently common sense isn’t always obvious.

I know you’re going to say that I will cross that bridge when I come to it, and you’re right, but that doesn’t stop me from considering the issues of it – and it isn’t a deterrent to NOT drop the weight either – but it deserves consideration because it’s not just an aesthetic thing to most people who have dropped a lot of weight.

So here we go:

Elna Baker – There have been several articles about Ms. Baker and her successful weight loss but more to the point, her issues with dealing with the excess skin. The best article I found on Ms. Baker is one she actually wrote herself as a guest post on Refinery29 entitled “What Losing 110 Pounds REALLY Looks Like”.

I commend her for her openness, especially with being willing to share before and after pics (she did have surgery to remove the excess skin eventually). Her article talks more about her emotional dealings with the excess skin and adjusting to the “new” her. And while the article does show pictures of Ms. Baker in a bra and pants, I won’t post them again here but please do check it out.

Here is the link to the entire article Ms. Baker wrote: http://www.refinery29.com/elna-baker-weight-loss-surgery-loose-skin?utm_source=good&utm_medium=syndication#.a06jlgy:6Vs8


Clara Williams – Ms. Williams topped the scales at 426 pounds, even more than I am and she was 51 when she decided enough is enough. So she is very similar to me both in age and the amount of weight she would have to lose. And lose she did. 243 pounds!

She joined TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly http://www.tops.org/) and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here is the link to an article on Ms. Williams:  http://www.redbookmag.com/body/health-fitness/news/a39715/clara-williams-weight-loss-success/


Angie Filardo – Ms. Filardo, despite her doctor suggesting bariatric surgery, opted to do it the “old-fashioned way” by cutting calories and exercising. She dropped an amazing 240 pounds in 4 years.

Here is the link to a short Health.com article on Ms. Filardo:  https://angiesstory.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/health_0411ididit.pdf


Kaitlyn Smith

I’ve been following Kaitlyn’s story for a while now. Having topped the scales at 414 pounds, she’s been success in losing and keeping the weight off. Now her struggles deal with the aforementioned dealings with all the excess skin. She’s been very forthcoming on her Facebook page with her struggles, including most recently the surgery she had to remove the excess skin from her legs (7# off each leg!). Believe me when I tell you that while I think she’s done amazing, to hear all she’s been going through – the pain and suffering – with even just something that sounds simple enough – removal of excess skin – it’s anything but easy.  But she said it was all worth it.

I commend her for not only losing the weight but publicly sharing her struggles with the world. It’s both inspiring and insightful.

And if I’m being completely honest with myself and all of you – Kaitlyn’s “before” pic could be me as I am right now (keeping in mind she is much younger than I am).


Here’s a story to Kaitlyn’s story: http://inspiremore.com/girl-loses-half-her-weight-in-one-year/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=postplanner&utm_source=facebook.com

As well as her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kaitlyn.smith.161?fref=ts



Stephanie Schuh

This last woman I’m writing about is actually someone I “met” online through a mutual friend – Stelio Savante. Stelio introduced me to Stephanie in hopes that she could help me deal with the struggles of losing a lot of weight – because Stephanie has done so. Not only that, but Stephanie has turned her success into a business:

The Science of Eating http://thescienceofeating.com/

The website sometimes can seem overwhelming. It has a vast amount of information, but I’ve found many to be helpful. I also follow her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thescienceofeating/

Now I haven’t spoken to Stephanie directly as Stelio has suggested. Mostly because of two things: 1) she seems extremely busy with her business, traveling a lot etc and I’m sure that she has many many people that are asking her for help and 2) I do know what I need to do and unfortunately neither Stephanie or anyone else can wave a magic wand and have my motivation and self-control fixed. That’s all on me.

But I do appreciate Stelio pointing me in her direction and as I said, I find many things on her website helpful, so please do check it out.

This is Stephanie:


And this link shows some other success stories posted on Stephanie’s FB page.


I’m floored by these success stories and it really does give me hope that I can succeed as well. These women and so many more whose stories I didn’t post here have done so amazing and I give each and every one of them high praise. Not only have they lost it but they’re doing all they can to keep it off and stay healthy. Bravo!


So here’s to celebrating others’ success and hoping for the same.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (again)!!!!!!!





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