The Day I’ve Been Dreading Has Arrived


I needed to start today’s blog with the above pic. The reason is my struggle to not feel like I’ve failed. That it happens  to everyone once in a while and it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Or that I’ve failed in my journey. That this is just a small set-back and to remember that maybe, just maybe, it isn’t even something that I did.

I gained 1.5 pounds this past week. 

I’ve spent all day at work today mulling it over. Well that is, in between trying to get unburied at work. I’m slammed with too much to do and never enough hours. It’s stressful, which I also know doesn’t help with weight loss but I’ve been dealing with it for so long that it’s sort of second nature. So I’ve had all day to let the “bad” vibes go. To push them away. To not let them take me over. Again.

Before it might have put me into a tailspin, which would include much self-deprecating nasty name calling. Useless. Failure. Screw Up. That it hasn’t is a testament to the hard work I have put into my frame of mind. That I’ve overcome a lot of the negativeness associated with set backs with weight loss. And I recognize that there very well may be more in my future.

But I think I’m better prepared to deal with it this time around.

I’m sure there are some things that I can do better this week. I’m sure that I can try even a bit harder. I haven’t done great this week in some areas, including the old nemesis of mine: Pepsi.  But also exercise.

My feet have been having pain a lot the past week even with the lack of any extra walking (than what I normally would in a day when I’m not sitting around all day at work). My plantar fasciitis was seeming to be flaring up since I stupidly didn’t change my worn sneakers and orthodics fast enough. Then I finally got them and my feet hurt enough that I couldn’t even get them on. So they’ve been a bit of a hindrance this week. But it’s more so the Pepsi where I’m still struggling.

I know it’s bad for me. I know it. I love the taste of it, but not how it makes me feel later. I realize that I’m going to have to go “cold turnkey” on it and can’t wait to see how that makes me feel – at first. Coming down from an addiction high. Sure, I won’t feel like I’m coming off of major drugs like cocaine, but some of the experiences will be the same. But I have to do it. I just hope God gives me the strength because I think that’s what’s stopping me from really dropping the weight. But also how it’s making me feel: tired, sluggish, bloated etc.

And it’s also not good for my diabetes either.  It’s a killer.

So the benefits of giving up Soda Pop are:

  • decreases risk of Chronic Heart Disease (CHD)
  • decreased blood pressure
  • regular consumption of sugary soda affects memory
  • destroys your teeth
  • improves bone health and decreases chances of osteoporosis
  • improved kidney function
  • control your glucose levels aid in dealing with Type II diabetes

So starting at the posting of this post, I’m going to really try to give it up. Wish me luck.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Apologies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the above was prematurely posted before I was finished my thoughts. I was interrupted by the Mets game. And that’s what happens when the “Save Draft” and “Update” button are right next to each other. So I’m going to continue this posting now. Sorry!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So besides needing to continue my fight to stop drinking soda pop, especially Pepsi, while I feel I’ve done well not dwelling on the weight gain this week, I am still probably thinking about it too much. I’m a work in progress. Too many years of negativity especially about myself is hard to shake in the few weeks I’ve been doing this.

That being said, I am seeing a difference in my attitude and demeanor, but also just the fact that after this much time I am still doing this – I’m still doing this blog, I’m still working at making lifestyle changes and I’m still working on liking myself more.

So here’s to moving on and moving up.

Here’s a kiss from me to you. I’m eternally grateful for all your support.


Sending blessings and much love.

Dani xo


2 thoughts on “The Day I’ve Been Dreading Has Arrived

  1. Dani,

    I don’t if you would like what I’m going to mention over soda pop but here goes. It’s called ICE it’s sparking and fizzy like soda and comes in different flavors. Basically naturally flavored sparking spring water. Zero calories and contains no artificial sugars which is a plus. You can by it by the bottle not like a six pack so it would not be expense to just try one bottle over having to get six. I get it just now and then for a treat as I drink mostly water. I have recently gotten into having unsweetened Almond Milk with is only 30 calories per cup and I use it on my cereal. I’ve even gotten into drinking it with my dinner some night. I’ve never been fond of milk so this is good for me to like it.

    We all know that some week in weight loss are better then others. Hey you never know next week you could be really down on the scale. You are doing great and I love your frame of mind this time. Remember it a new start to a new week. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Barb. I don’t mind water but I just get the craving for Pepsi so I have my water bottle with my Brita filter ready to go at home (I drink water all day at work but it’s when I get home and on weekends – out of a schedule).

      And sorry. I accidentally posted before I was done the blog so there is a bit more to it now. Oops.

      Thanks for your support. xo


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