Supplemental to The Emotional Yo-Yo (read it first)

In all my haste to finish the long-winded blog posting The Emotional Yo-Yo, I forgot to mention on thing:

I am not an emotional eater. That is, I don’t tend to eat a lot when I’m anxious or upset or angry. Quite the opposite in fact. The more stressed, anxious or upset I am, the less I can eat. So much so that on some occasions I make myself physically ill – sometimes even from just thinking about food.

I lost over 12 pounds in the 3 days after I found out my husband at the time was cheating on me. I barely ate. In fact, all I did eat was a half of a banana. The mere thought of eating food made me ill. And of course, once I started eating normally again, all the weight came back on.

So while emotional eating isn’t good for you, neither is the opposite.

I guess the best we can hope for is compromise.

Blessings. xo


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