Supplemental to The Emotional Yo-Yo (read it first)

In all my haste to finish the long-winded blog posting The Emotional Yo-Yo, I forgot to mention on thing:

I am not an emotional eater. That is, I don’t tend to eat a lot when I’m anxious or upset or angry. Quite the opposite in fact. The more stressed, anxious or upset I am, the less I can eat. So much so that on some occasions I make myself physically ill – sometimes even from just thinking about food.

I lost over 12 pounds in the 3 days after I found out my husband at the time was cheating on me. I barely ate. In fact, all I did eat was a half of a banana. The mere thought of eating food made me ill. And of course, once I started eating normally again, all the weight came back on.

So while emotional eating isn’t good for you, neither is the opposite.

I guess the best we can hope for is compromise.

Blessings. xo


About Danielle R.

An enigma. Try to figure me out. Pessimistic optimist of happily every after or close to it. A wanna-be writer, animal lover and ferocious friend.

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