On the lighter side…

Wow…that was a tad maudlin, wasn’t it? I’m sorry. I’ll try to not be so heavy (get it?) in future posts, but sometimes I just have a flair for the dramatics.

Another thing I’ve come to realize as I begin this journey is that I will not be able to get through it without humor (humour to my Canadian family and friends). Humor is and will always be a part of my life. Okay so maybe humor isn’t the appropriate word, per se. More like selective sarcasm.

I’m known for my sarcasm. I’m not even sure I could turn it off if I wanted to. There are times when my “humor” isn’t always as funny to others as it is to me. I get that. There are often times when even I look back and think how very unfunny I was.

What I have to fight to do now, however, is to not be self-deprecating, which is when that sarcasm comes shining through. “Say the words before someone else does” was always my motto, even though realistically I didn’t really believe that any person who really knew me would actually say anything so hurtful to or about me. But I did it to myself. Often without thinking.

And that has to stop.

Now I received a message from an old friend who seemed a bit worried that the “new” me would mean that the sarcastic and witty me would be lost. I assured her that would not be the case. As I said, I wouldn’t know how to turn it off even if I wanted to.

So as I said above, I don’t see me getting through this without humor. I’m a firm believer that laughter makes the world go round. If someone can make me smile, chuckle or laugh out loud, I’m 95% in love with them already. So yes, there will be some humor in my posts – I hope.

One of my biggest challenges to lose weight (and I will touch upon this and others again in future posts) is exercise. That old addage that in order to feel energetic, one needs to exercise. My thoughts have always been, how in the world am I going to get enough energy TO exercise so I can feel energetic. You see the paradox there, right?

Another issue for me is simply a matter of gravity. And that bitch hates me. Call it clumsy, uncoordinated or simply just misfortune, if there were Olympics for tripping over air, smacking yourself in the head with the oddest of things, or simply thinking of an accident waiting to happen and then having it happen – well, I’d be winning the Gold.

The nerve damage to my feet wherein I can’t always feel where my feet are and what they are doing notwithstanding, I have never been smooth on my feet. Ballroom dancing, or frankly any dancing, is simply not my forte. I mean, really, how many people do you know that can fracture a foot by bowling?! Or slipping in the pouring rain on wet leaves and where a State Trooper was trying to help you up and you couldn’t get your feet firm enough so your legs are flailing out around you and the poor Trooper…well, he was a real trooper. Ha! Literally and figuratively. 😉

So that being said, this video expresses in so many ways exactly what it will be like for me to exercise.

No joke. Really.

I’m serious.

Love to all. xo


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